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With quad-core and big-screen, Acer Aspire V5-552G notebook

Acer V5-552G-10574G50Aii uses metal body design, the body is thin and flat. Cool steel silver, champagne gold, polar black and Chinese red, the colorful new look has bright colors, and it’s specially designed for wise fashion crowd. Its 15.6-inch screen is with a resolution of 1366 x

The ten-point touch notebook, Toshiba S40t-AT01M

Toshiba S40t-AT01M notebook is with a 14-inch ten-point touch capacitive touch screen which is with anti-fingerprint covering coating to bring high-quality touch experience. It uses material snd brushed metal texture fuselage, the large size touchpad and the floating keyboard are made from metal-plated edge technology to increase

Latest RRAM technology can save 1TB data in a single chip

RAM (RRAM) is internal memory that can be used for PC and mobile devices.  Compared with the current flash memory, its reading and writing speed is much faster and more energy efficient. Today, California Crossbar, a technology company, announced that they have developed the new resistive RAM

Shenzhou GT740M new discrete graphics, K570N is on hot sale

 K570N is equipped with the latest generation of Nvidia graphics card GT740M. Along with the high performance of GT740M 1G DDR3, K570N brings a better  operating performance. And with 1G DDR3 memory, it can not only achieve strong gaming performance but also be able to cope with